Bioinnovative Corp has developed an investment project and has authorization for the construction of a "Facility for the cultivation and processing of microalgae”.The facility will be located in an area of 2358.00 m2 (the building complex on the lot hasa total area of 1929.80 m2)in Gospodinovo,Byalamunicipality, in the region Varna. The implementation of a"primary production" - productionof primaryalgae  biomassin a formsuitablefor further processingas a product/supplement/for human consumption; is planned. The production will be self-sustained and waste-free. The production capacityby cultivationand subsequent processing will beup to 15 kg/day of dry algaein the form oftablets and capsules.Thatamountisthe nominal capacityunder optimalweather conditionsin the periodfrom April to November. The productionwill depend on manyfactorsincluding such that cannot alwaysbe controlledand managed.In the courseofoperationit ispossible to somewhat increasethe production capacityas a resultofoptimizing the applied technology.

The production process is based on monitoring  the basic parameters associated with the cultivation and processing of microalgae. Ensuring constant quality over time and compliance with all regulatory safety requirements for food production will be achieved by implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management System (IMS), including: system for quality management, according to EN ISO 9001:2008; management system for food safety, according to EN ISO 22000:2005; system for environmental management according to EN ISO 14001:2004; Health and safety management system, according to BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 ; GAP (Good Agricultural Practices ).