Bioinnohative Corp. has submitted two projects to the Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme. As a result Bioinnovative Corp. aims to achieve: [1] diversification of our high value biopharmaceuticals portfolio as well as development of novel applications for microalgae; [2] increased production flexibility and effectiveness; [3] expand its market shares, while improving customer satisfaction.


The project NexGenAlgae offers a new, systematic approach to cultivating and processing algae biomass via the integration of modern production technology (autonomous modular photobioreactors with flashing LED light and improved gas (CO2) mixing in the algae medium by Dissolved Air Flotation) and a multi-step extraction system (water extraction, organic solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis). This approach will be implemented in a fully operational, cost effective pilot facility located in the village of Gospodinovo, Biala Municipality, Varna Region, Bulgaria.


The project NexGenVacc offers a next generation approach to the development of therapeutic vaccines against human papillomavirus 16 (HPV 16), which causes several types of cancer in men and women. Our intention is to successfully integrate microalgae as a dedicated expression host for the production of attenuated HPV oncoproteins in the manufacturing of therapeutic vaccines. As a result we envisage highly potent biopharmaceutical for the treatment of precancerous lesions induced by HPV 16.