BIOINNOVATIVE is a privately held biotech company, which develops microalgae based products (nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals etc.). Our R&D activities are divided into 3 major areas:

  •      Microalgae cultivation

Our Microalgae cultivation R&D programme focuses on the selection and culturing of promising microalgae strains as well as the design of novel photobioreactor systems, which are used for the cultivation of our microalgae strains.

  •      Microalgae biomass processing

Our Microalgae biomass processing R&D programme is based around the company’s vision for a green cost effective manufacturing of microalgae based products. One of the key outcomes of this programme is the development of a multi-step extraction system, which allows complete utilization of the microalgae biomass. Our activities in this area are fully supported by our main academic partner, the Institute for Plant Physiology and Genetics (affiliated to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).

  •      Applied biotechnology of microalgae

Our R&D programme in the area of applied microalgae biotechnology is focused on the isolation of natural compounds and recombinant proteins from microalgae and investigating their biological activity. The main aim of our research in this area is the development of novel microalgae based products (nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals etc.).